May 26, 2021

Application Protection

Protect invaluable application code and machine and motor settings using built-in protection and security features. Use password protection to define user access privileges specific to developers, engineers, and field service technicians. Temporarily disable controller protection for troubleshooting and re-enable protection without rebooting.

May 26, 2021

Smarter Autotuning

Achieve high levels of motion system performance and stability, faster. Smarter Autotuning, combined with the new Frequency Response Function Analyzer, provides an integrated solution intended to both simplify tuning and maximize motion performance, bandwidth and stability. Smarter Autotuning is a standard feature available in the MMI Application Studio.





May 26, 2021

Diagnostic & Preventive Maintenance

To address the demands of Industry 4.0, machine builders are designing new and advanced machine monitoring capabilities to provide deeper insights into their machines’ behavior. ACS provides OEMs the tools needed to build intelligent machine diagnostics and preventive maintenance functionality.

May 26, 2021


Increase throughput by pre-emptively compensating for system disturbances

Increase motion system accuracy and throughput by learning and pre-emptively compensating for system disturbances using LearningBoost, a state-of-the-art control algorithm developed by ACS. Anticipatory corrections are autonomously implemented synchronous to motion, providing continuously improved motion performance.


Enhance your machine’s performance capabilities using LearningBoost as an optimization tool, and combine LearningBoost with other powerful ACS servo algorithms for the ultimate motion performance.


Please contact your ACS representative for more information.





May 26, 2021

Non-Linear Control

Non-Linear Control represents a potential range of motion control improvements and provides solutions for various industries and applications. Outperform traditional linear PID/PIV control and address non-linear phenomena by using non-linear control laws designed to reduce move and settle times and improve overall motion system performance in high-accuracy positioning applications.

May 26, 2021


Increase throughput and reduce jerk and disturbances caused by complex CAD/CAM generated motion paths in laser processing and additive manufacturing applications. Improve constant velocity control while synchronizing process tasks to motion. SmoothPath for 2 axis motion paths is available with MotionBoost™ license in SPiiPlus series motion controllers.


Contact ACS Motion Control for 3+ axis applications.

May 12, 2020

SinCos Encoder Compensation

Improve Accuracy with Adjustable SinCos Encoder Compensation

In ultra-high-resolution positioning applications, motion performance may be improved by optimizing the SinCos encoder amplitude, phase, and offset. Many ACS motion controller and drive solutions support this functionality along with software tools to simplify the optimization process.

May 11, 2020

Dynamic Feedback Switching

Increase Machine Accuracy and Reliability with On-the-Fly Feedback Switching

Motion axes in high-end Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display inspection and patterning systems can employ multiple feedback sources to achieve higher accuracy and longer travel. ACS motion controller and drive solutions have the ability to offer smooth on-the-fly switching between feedback signals, ensuring reliable operation of axes with multiple encoder scales and read heads.

May 10, 2020


Increase Machine Throughput With Advanced Dynamic Focus Control

Many high-tech inspection and laser processing applications require dynamic control of one or more Z-axes to maintain focus during XY motion. ACS motion controller and drive solutions provide the ability to incorporate autofocus sensor signals into sophisticated real time control algorithms, enabling higher machine throughput.

May 9, 2020

Servo Algorithm Customization

Optimize Motion System Performance With Application-Specific Algorithms

High-tech OEM machine builders need to push the limits of achievable accuracy and throughput. When requirements demand custom stage designs to meet aggressive performance targets, customized servo control algorithms can offer significant advantages. Please contact ACS about leveraging its core competency in servo control algorithms to enable your motion system to exceed its performance requirements.