New! Economical Control Modules

Introducing the Economical Control Module (ECM) - First in the series, ECMsm is a 2 or 4 axis all-in-one motion controller with integrated drives

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New! Universal Drive Modules

Introducing the UDMsm 2 or 4 axis EtherCAT Universal Drive Module - Leverages advanced servo control algorithms for maximum motion performance

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New! Intelligent Drive Modules

Introducing the Intelligent Drive Module (IDM) - First in the series, IDMsm is a 2 or 4 axis EtherCAT DS402 drive controllable by any EtherCAT master

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SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.03 Release

SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.03 is now available!

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Complete Motion Control Solutions for High-Tech Manufacturing Equipment

When we started this project, EtherCAT was new to us. Without ACS’ know-how, flexibility and support, it would have taken us much more time to complete the project. ACSPL+ provided the real-time environment and the parallelism we needed, enabling us to make changes and test them easily. This, together with the SPiiPlus Simulator, which all our software developers use heavily to test their software, saved us a lot of development time.

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Explore the ECMsm Motion Controller With Built-in Drives [Video]



Optimize EtherCAT-Based Motion System Performance With Our New IDM Series



SpiiPlus ADK Suite v3.03 is now available!