Servo Control and Drive Technology

Smarter Gantry Control

The Ultimate MIMO Gantry Control Algorithm

Gantry stages are used in many high-performance motion control applications. Powered by unique multi-axis Servo Processor technology, ACS offers advanced MIMO (multi-input multi-output) gantry control algorithms that simplify the configuration and tuning process of gantry stages and enhance their accuracy, throughput, and stability.


Key Features and Benefits

Key Features
  • MIMO decoupled control of linear position and yaw displacement loops
  • Independent tuning and optimization of linear and yaw control loops
  • Dynamic cross-axis center of mass compensation
  • Error mapping compensation (orthogonality, straightness...)
  • Dual-loop gantry control
Key Benefits
  • Higher servo bandwidth for better throughput, stability, and repeatability
  • Increased life of mechanics
  • Simpler tuning and optimization
  • Control stiff or flexible gantries
  • Control linear motor, ballscrew, belt, and rack and pinion gantries