Servo Control and Drive Technology

Frequency Response Function Analyzer

Increase Throughput with Electromechanical Frequency Analysis and Optimization

The FRF Analyzer provides motion control engineers with a rich set of sophisticated frequency domain measurement, analysis, and design capabilities necessary to maximize the performance of motion control systems. Take measurements in seconds and analyze results using tools to optimize precision motion stage performance.


The FRF Analyzer utility is available in the MMI Application Studio and is available for host application integration with the FRF Analyzer Library.

Key Benefits
  • Flexible measurement and display options
  • Easily optimize filter and servo gain parameters
  • Evaluate impact of design changes without re-measuring
  • Comprehensive saving, loading and export functionality promotes streamlined collaboration with experts
  • Measure and analyze unique and complex motion systems
  • Maximize servo stability and bandwidth
Key Capabilities
  • Support for host application integration using the FRF Analyzer Library
  • Sinusoidal, white noise, chirp, and user defined excitation options
  • Define frequency band of interest for high resolution measurements of resonances
  • Integrated Smarter Autotuning features
  • Analyze and display measurements using Bode, Nyquist, and Nichols plots
  • Validate measurement quality using Coherence plots
  • Design using low-pass, notch and biquad filters
  • Export FRF Logs for offline analysis by expert control engineers