Controller Application Development

ACSPL+ Programming

Unleash Full Machine Potential with Flexible Real-Time Programming

For most OEM machine builders, software represents a majority of overall development effort and cost. The programming capabilities of the controller have a direct impact on machine functionality and time-to-market. ACS motion controllers run on ACSPL+, a real-time motion programming language whose unique level of flexibility enables machine developers to quickly realize rich functionality.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Real-time execution up to 5kHz
  • Multi-threading, multi-tasking execution of up to 64 simultaneous program buffers (threads)
  • Fully compiled with floating point, integer, and boolean operations
  • Rich multi-axis motion command set
  • High-level program flow commands: IF-ELSE, WHILE, LOOP, GOTO
  • Object-oriented structures: STRUCT
  • User defined functions, subroutines, autoroutines
  • Just-in-Time and Dynamic Buffer execution for host application generated programs