Motion Controllers


EtherCAT Master Motion Controller and DS402 EtherCAT Drive Node

The SPiiPlusES is a unique product designed to meet the needs of OEMs using EtherCAT-based PLCs/PACs to control machines with demanding multi-axis motion control requirements. It is a high performance EtherCAT master motion controller that can be connected as a slave node to another EtherCAT network utilizing the standard DS402 CAN Over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol. As a slave node, the SPiiPlusES looks to the external EtherCAT master like a highly programmable multi-axis drive. It leverages powerful application development capabilities and profile generation algorithms to reduce time to market and maximize motion system performance. The SPiiPlusES can control ACS products within the SPiiPlus Motion Control Platform, as well as any other EtherCAT device, providing flexibility for the motion control system designer.

Key Specs and Capabilities

Key Specifications
  • Controller Axes: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64
  • Host PC/PLC/PAC Communication: EtherCAT, TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, RS-232
  • Max EtherCAT Cycle Rate: 5kHz
  • Mounting: Panel or DIN rail
  • Optional Proprietary ACS Features: NetworkBoost, MotionBoost, Flexible Configuration
Key Capabilities