Laser Control


Laser Control Module

The LCM is designed to meet the needs of laser processing system OEMs with demanding throughput and accuracy requirements. Working under any ACS SPiiPlus Platform EtherCAT master controller, the LCM tightly synchronizes control of a fixed beam laser with motion. Sub-microsecond latency enables high-accuracy laser micromachining, while high pulse frequencies enable high levels of throughput.

Key Specs and Capabilities

Laser Control Modes
  • Fixed Distance Pulse Firing
  • Array Based Pulse Firing
  • Digital Pulse Modulation for Dynamic Power Control
  • Array Based Gating
  • Axis Range Windowing
  • Tickle for Maintaining Laser Ready
  • AqB Encoder Output
  • Delay Compensation
  • Combined Modes
Key Specifications
  • Logic Supply: 24 Vdc
  • Max Pulse Frequency: 10 MHz
  • Electrical Interface: Control and Enable outputs, Fault and Safety Interlock inputs
  • Achievable Laser Pulse Accuracy: Sub-micron (stage and process dependent)
Key Capabilities

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