Motion Profile Generation

Segmented Motion

Increase Throughput with Advanced Multi-Axis Motion Coordination

Many motion control applications require coordinated motion along a multi-axis path, typically defined as a series of line and arc segments. ACS’ Segmented Motion feature provides this functionality for up to 6 total axes and includes sophisticated look-ahead velocity adjustment and corner processing for up to 2 axes. Digital outputs are easily synchronized to motion segments, enabling seamless control of lasers, extrusion heads, and other devices.

Ideal Use Cases
  • Laser Processing Systems
  • Additive Manufacturing Systems
  • Electronics Dispensing Systems
Key Features and Benefits
  • Easily construct sophisticated motion paths with line and arc segments up to 6 axes
  • Advanced look-ahead algorithm options to avoid exceeding axis velocity, acceleration, and jerk constraints
  • Advanced corner processing algorithm options including skywriting to increase throughput and accuracy
  • Easily synchronize events and digital outputs to motion segments
  • Easily synchronize processes and analog outputs to vector velocity