May 1, 2020


SPiiPlus Motion Control Training Courses

Motion Control Training

Attend ACS SPiiPlus Motion Control Training Courses to take your motion control expertise to the next level.

Here’s what previous attendees have said about ACS training courses:

  • The class met my expectations very well. Better than expected in terms of learning how the controller works, rather than just how to do a few limited things
  • The class was above expectations. Technical depth and hands-on training were just enough without being overwhelming
  • Very in-depth with servo and control theory
  • Review of methods for general controller tuning was incredibly valuable, comprehensive and easy to follow
  • A lot of material in a short amount of time

Traditionally, ACS training courses have been offered throughout the year at various locations across the world. In response to Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus precautions, ACS is currently offering on-line training courses.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world!

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