January 22, 2021


SpiiPlus ADK Suite v3.03 is now available!

Version Highlights:

  • Firmware 3.03 replaces 3.02 as the minimum required version for ECMsm, IDMsm, and UDMsm products
  • UDMsm now supports up to 5kHz EtherCAT cycle
  • MMI Application Studio Improvements
    1. Communication Dialog presents controller information to simplify identification
    2. Gray Code configuration for SSI Absolute Encoders
    3. EtherCAT master cycle time configuration for System Setup “Design New Configuration”
  • A bug with Dynamic Brake functionality in firmware 3.02 was resolved.
  • Other bug fixes – contact ACS if you would like more details

Download the SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.03 package and Release Notes (Requires registration and ACS download authorization)