Servo Control and Drive Technology


Optimize Motion System Performance for Nanometer Resolution Applications

The world of high-end Semiconductor, FPD, and Optics inspection and processing equipment demands nanometer level motion control positioning. Linear amplifiers, despite their low power efficiency, have traditionally been used instead of PWM amplifiers for such applications because of their achievable dynamic range and high degree of linearity. For the latest generation equipment employing larger and more powerful motion stages to meet increasing throughput demands, a better solution is required. ACS’ proprietary NanoPWM technology combines the advantages of linear and PWM amplifiers to provide nanometer level positioning to OEM machine builders using large format high-precision motion systems.


Key Features and Benefits
  • Achieve sub-nanometer level standstill jitter (+/- 0.3nm)
  • Achieve nanometer level following error at constant velocity (+/- 10 nm at 100 mm/sec)
  • Achieve industry leading current control dynamic range over 100 dB
  • Ideally suited for precision mechanical-bearing stages and air-bearing stages
  • Digital control technology for easy setup and high reliability
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